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  project: import precision
Import precision is a client that started with an inexperienced web design company and ended up paying for something they couldn't use at all. This happens all to often when trying to save a buck.

I stepped in and gave them original Photoshopped graphics of 2 cars literally leaving their pictures and driving onto a digitally reflective floor.

I also took Eric's line drawing of his logo and made it the glass refective version you can see on the site.

Company Profile:
Import Precision manufacturers a direct bolt on Lamborghini door conversion for cars with conventional doors. Currently they make a kit for the Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth, the Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the Mazda RX7. This lambo door conversion is a state of the art door system that opens both ways, like no other door system.

Design defined:
"It's always tough but a great feeling to work with a client who has been burned by cheap or inexperienced designers and really need to be shown how a site should be. Eric's reaction to the site design has been better than I can imagine, and I'm happy to have done it."
-Bill Palmatary,
Czar, Bill Palmatary Design