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(Names ommited to protect company under NDA)

While working at a strategic business systems consulting firm, I was tasked to work with our Chicago programmers to develop a comprehensive employee tracking system for use internally by project managers.

The solution was to build an entire system design and navigation from the ground up to track employees, housing, expenses, vehicles, and contact information in an easy to use interface. This project proved challenging in that all design elements needed to meld perfectly with programmers' JAVA search methods.


Client testimonial:
The VP of development for sent me an email telling me to rip out 6 of the custom search tools we had made for this internal admin site. When I asked him why, he told me that my UI redesign had made it so easy, he didn't need them anymore. Yeah, im bragging... hes a tough guy to make happy!
-Bill Palmatary, Czar
Bill Palmatary Design